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Hair removal experts without all that beauty standard rubbish. 

Hello, I’m Jessica. I’ve done this job for a very long time and what I truly believe is that what anybody does with their body hair is a personal choice. Along with my team of Waxperts we believe every body is beautiful and the thing we love most about our job is that we get to spend time with amazing, intelligent, interesting women all day. If you’d like to get any body hair removed then we’re the salon for you. Whether you’d like the whole shebang every month or a pre-holiday tidy up once a year - We have no judgement about you or your body hair. We just want everybody to feel happy and confident so if we can assist then we’re so happy we can do that. If you’d like to book an appointment please text us on 07800868432. 

Green Leaf


We are based in the heart of Cheltenham in my town centre salon just a few steps away from the main High Street tucked away in a discreet location with on-site parking. We aim to make ourselves as accessible as possible so that you can pop by during your lunch break or bring your child along if you need to. We understand we all have busy lives and we often put ourselves at the bottom of the list, We want your beauty appointment to be plain sailing and fuss-free. We are easy going, accommodating and friendly. Our team love that all of our clients feel comfortable in our salon and often come along early to sit on our sofa and reply to emails or stay after their appointment to feed their baby. We always wanted a happy and relaxed place of work and that is what we are so grateful to have achieved. 



Leaf Beauty


Waxing is my thing. I’m an absolute perfectionist and a methodical worker. I take great pride in providing a thorough, long lasting wax that is as pain-free as possible. Over time I have developed a method that results in a waxing experience that pleasantly surprises clients with its speed and efficiency. 


Basic Bikini - £12

Bikini Plus - £18

Brazilian - £25 

Hollywood - £25 

All bikini waxes include a strip on the stomach if required, Brazilian and Hollywood waxes include buttocks and between the cheeks. 

Just Buttocks - £8

Between the Cheeks - £5 

Full Leg - £28

3/4 Leg - £20

Half Leg - £15

All leg waxes include feet and toes if required. 

Back of Thigh - £10

Lower back - £15

Underarm - £10

Half Arm - £15

Full Arm - £25

Stomach - £10

Nipples - £5

Brows - £12

Nostrils - £8

Lip/chin - £5 


Eyebrow Plucking


We offer a bespoke range of Brow and Lash treatments. 

Lash Lift and Tint - £35                                   Lash Tint - £12                                          Bespoke Brow Lamination - £25                    Brow Shape - £12                                            Brow Tint - £8 

Red Hair Woman


I just love a spray tan, I’m not sure why but it always makes me feel so much better. I use a variety of solutions to create a golden, natural glow that fades evenly. I always use fast developing products so you can always shower within a few hours, no more tanned bed sheets! 

Full Body - £25
Half Body - £15 

Peeping Through a Leaf


How long does my hair have to be? 

Ideally 2-3 weeks after shaving or about the length of a grain of rice. 

I’m really hairy! Shall I trim before I come to my appointment? 

No, please don’t trim because the hair will come out much easier au natural. Don’t worry at all about how hairy you are, it’s really not an issue. 

I’m on my period, can I still have a bikini wax? 

Yes absolutely, just tuck your tampon string forward or wear a menstrual cup. 

I’m really worried it will hurt! 

I promise it will be nowhere near as bad as you think it is, in over a decade I’ve never have anybody stop half way. 

Do you wax pregnant women? 

Yes, I wax many pregnant women up to their due date. One of my favourite parts of my job is waxing my client throughout her pregnancy and then getting to see their baby grow up over the coming years. 

I’m really self conscious and scared about coming to get waxed! 

I can assure you as soon as you walk into the salon you’ll be fine. People often say to me “I’m so relieved you’re normal.” Please don’t worry. 

How do I book an appointment? 

Text me on 07800868432 with what you’d like doing and which day and time. I’ll do my best to get you booked in. 

What do I wear during an intimate wax? 

I provide you with paper underwear that will be moved throughout the treatment. Some people are surprised by this but my method using the paper underwear as a barrier actually results in a much more thorough, precise intimate wax and ensures some modesty too. 

Why are your prices so reasonable? 

There’s a few factors to this. I’m really quick at what I do, a Brazilian or Hollywood only takes me 15 minutes. I have hundreds of clients that have been loyal to me for many years and I want to remain accessible and fairly priced for them and I just really enjoy what I do. 

Pink Notebook


Reviews taken from Facebook:

“Jessica is amazing! This was my first time ever getting waxed and she put me at ease straight away and  made me feel comfortable during the whole treatment. 

Very quick but a super thorough job and great prices. 

Definitely will be coming back again!”

Sophie Masih 

“An absolute angel, incredibly efficient and makes you feel so comfortable- excellent value for money too. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Rachel Taylor 

“Makes what can be a painful and embarrassing experience into quite the opposite. Jess is super laid back, has hilarious conversation that will distract you  the waxing and the prices are super competitive. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Anna Tarbet 

“Couldn’t recommend Jess enough! She’s a perfectionist at what she does and I never leave the salon without the perfect wax. Jess is so welcoming and just a bubbly beautiful person , totally comfortable in her salon and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Always accommodating with appointments, never had any trouble being fitted in no matter how busy she is.”

Lucy Price 

“I couldn’t recommend Jessica enough if you’re at all concerned about having an intimate wax, have been putting it off because you’re anxious about getting your lady bits out in front of someone or if you’re nervous about the discomfort. 

Jessica immediately puts you at ease and you’ll wonder why you didn’t go for it years ago... Super friendly and just very normal, I didn’t feel at all embarrassed.

I had been trying to do my own waxing for years to varying degrees of success (mostly failure) and the relief of going to see Jessica and walking out half an hour later feeling confident and hair-free was so liberating! It is quick, the results are fantastic and she’s just a lovely person!

I wouldn’t go anywhere else, looking forward to my post lockdown deforestation I’ve booked in for soon.” 

Helen Knowles 

“Best wax in Cheltenham. Due to Jess’ ability to be extremely flexible I’ve managed to keep on top of all waxing throughout pregnancy and since having my baby. So easy to book appointments and bring baby along too. She is fab and I highly recommend.” 

Lizzie Camp 

“Best waxer in Cheltenham! I really struggle as my skin is so sensitive but I never have a problem when Jess waxes me! She’s always so friendly and funny, she makes me almost look forward to a wax!” 

Frankie Almond 

“Jess did my spray tan last night and I’ve woken up looking like I’ve just stepped off a plane from Spain. I’ve had so many comments today, asking where I’ve been on holiday and how healthy my glow is. Jess is the best! She even makes standing in a paper thong, whilst being spray painted brown, fun!” 

Harriet Cotteril 

“Been coming to Jess for 13 years wouldn’t go anywhere else she is the best at what she does and is the loveliest girl EVER! Not to mention SUPER FAST if you don’t already go to Jess you need to book ASAP.”

Charlotte Fanning 

“First time visiting yesterday, amazing wax the most pain free wax I’ve had and I’ve been going for waxes for years. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find Jessica! Chatty and lovely! Thank you!”

Claudia Bosin 

“Jess is possibly one of the funniest, kindest person I have ever met. I am so lucky to see Jess once a month- I travel 40 miles to see her as I couldn’t trust anybody else with my waxing anymore! Couldn’t recommend Jess highly enough to anyone apprehensive about getting waxed, she will do you proud and remove even the smallest of hairs.” 

Megan Gee 

“Best waxing, tanning and lashes in the West! Jess is super professional and lovely- I wouldn’t go to anyone else and I tried a lot of places before I found Jess!”

Alison Byard 

“Took my daughter here for her first ever spray tan and will definitely be going back.  Jessica answered my many questions beforehand and made my daughter feel relaxed and beautiful. She is now prom ready. Thank you.” 

Amy Clare 

“Having been to the same person for 5 years back home, I found the concept of finding a new wax therapist daunting upon my relocation to Cheltenham. 

I have never experienced such a relaxing and welcoming environment and I wasn’t at all self conscious. I could not recommend Jessica more!!!!”

Charlotte Malone 



For appointments please text 07800868432

37 Rodney Rd, Cheltenham GL50 1HX, UK

07800 868432

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